Maddie McBride

Meet Maddie McBride!

Current hometown is Burlison, Tennessee. In her down time her favorite thing to do is hang out with Katlyn and her family and of course LOVE to shop. If you don't know Maddie, she is a very funny person and fun to be around!

How it got started?

It all started by playing in the yard for fun and then eventually took it to the next level. This is Maddie's 3rd year competitively and one of her favorite things about competing is meeting new people and playing all the time.

Getting on the courts!

Katlyn Hamm, her doubles partner could probably answer almost anything or any question you might have about Maddie! Her favorite event is either doubles or coed. This year she made her furthest trip to California taking on the biggest cornhole tournament in the world. It also happens to be the place of her biggest and most memorable win! Katlyn and her took down women’s doubles at Spencer Makenzie's! It's going to be hard to top that, but this season she will continue to do her best at each event and make this year even better!

Listen up!

If you're ever at a cornhole event and hear someone yell, "AIRMAIL THAT JUNT" or possibly "OU I LIKE THAT", chances are Maddie isn't far!

Follow along to watch her journey and see where she ends up! You won't want to miss it!

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