USA stars vinyl Stencil or decal

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Interested in creating your own American flag on almost any surface?

This stencil or decal can be used for cornhole boards, wall decor, home art, and more!

When purchasing, simply choose your selection of either the stencil or the decal. Either one will be a vinyl material. A stencil would be where you are painting the actual stars and a decal would be where you'd like to paint around the stars. If you have questions about which kind you need, please ask!
The size of this decal is 17" x 12" and works perfectly inside a 18" x 13" union. This size makes a perfect flag that 2' x 4'. If you have any questions regarding sizes or would like a custom size, please message me!

If you need a certain color because you're using this as a decal, please let me know in the notes!:)

*This vinyl is meant for one time use*

**Please make sure to clean and dry the surface before applying this product.

Each purchase includes a set of stars (2) decals or stencils. It also includes FREE shipping!