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ZÜCA PRO CUSTOM Powder-coated frame

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We take it apart. Next, we have it powder-coated to the color of your choice. Finally, we reassemble it and ship it to you! You can purchase just the frame, or you can purchase the combo including insert and pouches. Please message us with any questions!

*This listing is just for the frame which we supply*

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as each cart is produced to order.

Add-ons to consider:

Small Zuca Pouches
- Most players have between 3-7 of these in their bag at all times. These multi-purpose Small Utility Pouches will comfortably hold 4 cornhole bags and anything else you need to transport with little to no wiggle room.
Seat cushions
2” Züca padded seat cushion
- Tired of sitting on something hard for hours and hours? This cushion will certainly brighten your day as well as give your bottom a break as it is a nice and comfortable cushion at an affordable price. This cushion does not have to be removed to use the Züca cart.
Seat cover
- Similar to a cushion however not as thick. This seat cover fits on top of the frame and does a decent job protecting it from getting beat up when lugging it along. If that’s what you’re looking for with a little added seat support then this is for you!
- This versatile cupholder/phone holder does exactly that. It can mount in many different ways, but the main purpose is to mount to the extending handle on the Züca cart. From there, you can place your phone, keys wallet or even your cue cards if you plan on being interviewed! Also holds most cups so you don’t need to set it on the ground for it to be kicked over!